Voice Mobile

Members receive up to 35% discount on their purchase.

  • Fantastic savings on both line rental and any handset charges
  • Available on all the latest handsets including iPhone and Samsung
  • All tariffs include EU calls, texts and data
  • Great extra benefits available including Apple Music and BT Sport

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About Voice Mobile

Voice Mobile are a multiple-award winning EE partner who specialise in providing a range of discounted tariffs for organisations to offer to their members. Our dedicated benefits discount website and benefits team provide market-leading mobile phone packages for WPP members and their family. Due to our strategic partnership with EE, we have been presented with a range of exclusive tariffs that include discounted prices and improved benefits compared to our competitors. The savings go as high as 35% or over £300 and there are a load of other great EE benefits available including free BT Sport and free Apple Music.

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